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Who We Are 

R3 is comprised of experienced executives, engineers, customer service professionals, marketing and sales managers. Our team has extensive experience in managing firms that specialized in software technology, data management facilities, asset management, network management and more. Our total focus is on improving how companies manage IT equipment throughout its useful lifecycle and beyond.

Our Unique Approach 

R3 brings a fresh and unique approach to the management of used IT assets. Our Recycle, Remarketing and Renew services and complementary online applications provide any size company with cost-effective tools that enable it to realize maximum value for used servers, routers, network components, PCs, storage devices, switches, etc. R3 only generates revenue when the client realizes revenue from a sale.

What We Provide 

R3 enables clients to focus on their core businesses by providing an automated system that removes all of the worries from managing and disposing used equipment. We provide reusable bins and packing materials that are specifically engineered for the packing and transporting IT equipment. We also provide online tracking applications that enable clients to manage inventories, track movement of shipments, access engineering results and certificates of destruction, and access many other reports.

Maximizing Your Assets 

Most equipment recycling companies purchase used equipment from companies wholesale and resell the items to maximize their margins. R3ís Remarketing approach ensures clients maximize value from used assets by retaining a vested interest in the Remarketing process. R3 only earns a percentage of the resell of assets, and the client earns a percentage. Therefore, the more cash R3 generates from a sell, the more the client realizes.

Other Services

We enhance the client's experience and value through:

 Complete testing of all equipment

 Warranties that increase equipment value

 Inventory audits of all equipment

 Selling tools that enable clients to accept or decline offers

 Engineering services that ensure equipment is in working order

 Industry-best customer service

 Bins specifically engineered for recycled goods

 Secured transport of assets

 Onsite services



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